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Solensia® is the first injectable antibody therapy for cats with arthritis!

30 March 2020

Did you know arthritic pain affects nearly 40% of our cat population. Signs of arthritic pain in cats include them “slowing down”, being hesitant to jump up or down or being less playful.

Solensia® has recently been released in Australia. Solensia® is the first and only monthly injectable antibody therapy for cats with osteoarthritis. Solensia® is aimed at reducing the pain of arthritis. Solensia’s® monoclonal antibodies are highly specific immune system proteins that target and neutralise specific nerve growth factor (NGF) molecules involved in arthritic disease. Solensia® is well tolerated for cats with stage 1 and 2 chronic kidney disease and allows cats with osteoarthritic pain to start treatment earlier and for longer.

If you would like more information on Solensia® and whether your cat may benefit from Solensia®, please call the clinic on 4758-8990.