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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a series of 4, weekly classes that will help you and your puppy understand each other better. Dogs communicate differently from people, and without understanding this difference, training can be very difficult and can lead to unwanted problem behaviours later in life.

We want your puppy to love communicating with you in a fun and safe way.

We also know that there is a critical period in a puppy’s development known as the Socialisation Period where if puppies are not safely exposed to other puppies, they do not develop normal canine social skills. We want to provide this safe environment for puppies to learn these social skills. Some puppies can make life-long friends at Puppy Preschool!

The classes will cover lots of information and training techniques. Of course, in only 1 month, your puppy will not have thoroughly learned every obedience command, but they will have the basics to make excellent long-term progress. You will have the skills and knowledge on how to provide this ongoing training.

The Skills we will help You Teach Your Puppy:

Basic Manners:

  • Sit

  • Drop

  • Come

  • Heel

  • Stay

  • Watch/Look

Everyday Situations: -

  • How to Avoid Puppies Jumping up/Biting at your hands and feet.

  • Methods to prevent nuisance behaviours like digging and barking

  • How to meet and greet other people and dogs

  • Toilet Training

  • Creating good Sleep Patterns quickly

Games and Tricks: -

  • Catch me if you Can Game

  • It’s Your Choice Game

  • High five /shake

We will discuss any questions on basic pet health, such as good nutrition, dental care, teething process, and when is the right time to desex.

This class is run by our lovely Veterinary Nurse, Kate under the guidance of qualified Behaviour Veterinarian, Dr Lynn Mathison, B.V.Sc (Hons), MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour), so we will provide the most up to date understanding of the science behind how dogs learn and interpret the world around them.

Cost: Total cost of $240 which includes all the puppy training handouts.

What to Bring: Favourite treats, a small mat or bed that make your puppy feel safe, their collar or harness and lead to control them.

Who should come: 2 person per puppy. (pls contact Kate 47592655 if you would like to bring more people)

Address- Shop 1, 9 Staples Cresent, Lawson