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Puppy Preschool

Selwood House offers Puppy School with our Behaviour Veterinarian, Dr Lynn Mathison.

Puppy Preschool is a series of 4 weekly classes that will help you and your puppy understand each other better, run by our behaviour veterinarian along with our vet nurses. Dogs communicate differently from people, and without understanding this difference owners can get training their puppies wrong. This can lead to unwanted problem behaviours later in life.

We want your puppy to love communicating with you in a fun and safe way.

We also know that there is a critical period in a puppy’s development known as the Socialisation Period where if puppies are not safely exposed to other puppies, they do not develop normal canine social skills. We want to provide this safe environment for puppies to learn these social skills. Some puppies can make life-long friends at Puppy Preschool!

The classes will cover lots of information and training techniques.