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“Thank you for your wonderful treatment of our beautiful “Guinness”. We were very impressed with the care given to our beloved. I have told all my animal friends about your brilliant care so you should have lots of visitors. Kind regards,”


“My recent visit to the Selwood Practice with Yogi and Beatrice Was wonderful. All the vets and support we met were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to seek treatment for my dogs, should they need it, in the future. regards”


“You have a great team and have made us feel very welcome. We really love the time you take to make sure all our questions are answered, and the fact that you take the time to call up to see how our fur babies are going after treatment is very much appreciated! Warm regards,”

Allira, Michelle and family

“In a nutshell, we, particularly Chris, were WOWED! Lovely environment, warm and friendly staff, and the vet made Chris feel so at ease with his informal approach. Welcome to Hazelbrook. Thanks to you, our Chris is back to his old self. Cheers and thanks,”

Kathryn, Paige and Chris

“We have nothing but the highest regard, praise and esteem for Selwood House Vet Hospital. That Lawrence saw Lara and provided emergency treatment, in the very early hours of the morning - when we weren’t, at that stage, clients - totally overwhelmed us. Very best regards”

Reg, Sheridan and Lara (and Bella)

“The support, empathy and holistic care you have given us over the past months have truly assisted us through this tricky time of Morris’ senior years. Although we’re devastated, we couldn’t have asked for a better ending for our furry friend. Heartfelt thanks,”

Anne, Danny, Emma and Molly

“Lara had an exceptionally cruel life before she came to us and, consequently, she is a very nervous, anxious and frightened little cat. Her response to Lawrence was totally amazing and, I think, too, that we were just as comforted as Lara was by his úber calm, gentle and humane approach. Very best regards”

Reg, Sheridan and Lara (and Bella)

“You quickly developed a trusting relationship with us and our puppy due to the professionalism and skill you demonstrated. We have and will continue to sing your praises to all the animal owners that we come across. Heartfelt thanks,”

Anne, Danny, Emma and Molly

“Thank you Lawrence and Selwood team. It is great to have a local vet in Hazelbrook that gives such good care. Sparkles was so well looked after and given great care and attention... he is back to his old cheeky self. Many thanks for your care and help,”