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Medical and complementary therapies

Preventative Healthcare Services

Selwood House provides preventative health care services and advice for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, poultry, birds and other small pets. Preventative health care consultations include a full clinical examination as well as advice on intestinal worming, tick and flea prevention, heartworm prevention, desexing, diet and behaviour. They are conducted at the time of giving the annual vaccination. It is recommended that all pets should receive a veterinary exam annually, with more frequent check-ups typically needed for geriatric pets.

General Medicine Services

Consultations for sick animals may be booked Monday to Friday plus Saturday mornings. Out of hours consultations are available for emergencies. Sick animal consults may involve diagnostics and treatment across a wide range of vet medical fields such as dermatology, ophthalmology, oncology, urology, neurology to name a few. Cases that require specialised diagnostics (such as MRI) or therapeutics (such as radiation therapy) will be referred to the relevant veterinary specialists.

Dental treatment

Approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will have some dental disease by the time they are three years old. Apart from tooth and gum pain, oral bacteria and their toxins can spread via the bloodstream causing serious illnesses related to the heart, liver and kidney. The AVA recommends regular dental checks as even pets with sore gums, an infected mouth or broken teeth will continue to eat so you may not notice they have problems. Consultations for appropriate pet dental care will include advice on diet, dental chews, water additives, and the benefits and challenges of pet tooth brushing. A dental scale and polish may be recommended for pet’s whose teeth have developed tartar, gingivitis or other periodontal disease. Loose, fractured or severely infected teeth will be extracted to avoid further pain, bacterial proliferation or tooth root abscessation. Routine dental treatment is a day procedure conducted under general anaesthesia at Selwood House, Mondays to Fridays. We also have access to dental radiography to further assess the root roots and attachments to aid in decision making and to allow a higher standard of care.


Selwood House provides hospitalisation facilities and services for a range of routine surgery, medical and critical care cases. Our large hospital allows for hospitalisation in either the ward or treatment room equipped with intravenous fluid therapy pumps, heat mats, detailed patient monitoring protocols and in more critical cases overnight examinations by the on-duty veterinarian or veterinary nurse.